After many months of waiting, couples can finally tie the knot with no restrictions. This means that wedding rates are likely to soar in the coming months and years. But what will this boom actually look like?

  • The UK Weddings Task Force forecasts that there will be a whopping 470,000 weddings in the UK in 2021 and 350,000 in 2022. That is nearly 200,000 more weddings than in pre-pandemic years!
  • A total of 320,000 weddings have been postponed since March 2020. Adding this to newly engaged couples, there could be as many as 800,000 weddings in the pipeline in the next few years.
  • Earlier this year, all restrictions on weddings were expected to be lifted by 21 June. An unprecedented 50,000 weddings were set to take place in the four weeks following. When restrictions were extended for another month, these had to be postponed again – but it’s safe to say that the next wedding season will be a big one.