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UK Wedding Stats: Key Facts And Figures

After many months of waiting, couples can finally tie the knot with no restrictions. This means that wedding rates are likely to soar in the coming months and years. But what will this boom actually look like? The UK Weddings Task Force forecasts that there will be a whopping 470,000 weddings in the UK in 2021 and 350,000 [...]

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It has been a full year of not getting the chance to celebrate weddings in-person which has meant that wedding guests have had to go without enjoying a full, multi-course reception menu, which is arguably one of the best parts! Luckily, things are looking up and, with vaccination being open to all adults, we should be [...]

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Did you know, watercolour cakes have been popping up in countless events since 2012 and we love seeing this trend continue to grow and evolve.  Here, they're crushing on a fresh batch of designs, each created with the soft swirls and mixed shades of watercolour.  From hand-painted florals to structured patterns, tranquil colours to layers of [...]

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“I’m a Model…”

Firstly thank you for visiting my page and welcome to my first ever post! I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, primarily to share my experiences as a model and to shed some REAL light on being a model. I also hope to blog personal issues, current affairs and basically anything I care [...]

Power of Social media

Social media is more than just sharing baby pictures or checking out cat videos and what your friends did on vacation. It’s a powerful tool to connect your business with tens of thousands (if not millions) of potential customers. Another key for social media use for businesses is for driving traffic to your company website. If [...]

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