Welcome To IDD

At IDD, we believe that living a life of comfort, of luxury, and of enjoyment comes down to being connected with the right people. We believe it’s not always what you know, but more often who you know that can help you bring everything in your life together and create truly outstanding memories.

Imagine that your picture-perfect life is like a puzzle with many pieces. And your network is how many of those pieces you’ve been able to put into place. When they all come together it becomes very clear – each provides a vital part of the whole and your ideal life would not be complete without them.

Starting today, IDD can be your tool for business and personal growth.

What Is IDD

Our mission at IDD is to make available valuable connections for businesses and suppliers, providing only top-rated, hand-vetted suppliers to businesses that have had a hard time finding them through other methods.

We’ve built the relationships so you don’t have to. We’ve shaken hands, we’ve met with people, we’ve built a way for you to connect with them and for them to connect with you.

Our journey is one of forging the strongest relationships across many business and personal sectors – because we want to fast-track success for every person who works with us or comes to us for help.

That’s why some of the people you may meet through IDD are behind the events you enjoy during your free time, and some of them will help you plan the perfect wedding. Still, others are trusted advisors for you in the corporate world who help you achieve success.

We have found the best in our journey, and we want you to be the beneficiary.

What makes us unique are the quality connections that you would not have access to otherwise.

If you are a business who has an incredible skillset but you have not been able to find the right suppliers, IDD can connect you to the next level of your success by introducing you to the kinds of high-quality suppliers they’ve been looking for.

Our Skills