IDD Points are given each time you visit, browse and are active no the platform, for example,when you contribute to the blogs & articles, reply back to customers and so much more, your points will be automatically updated and add to you balance.

IDD points can be used to cash in for advertising space or purchasing from the IDD points store.

Each IDD Point is worth 1p.

Please view the IDD Points Store to see what you can purchase with your IDD Points.

Yes, IDD points are all 100% FREE and are collected each time you visit the site and for different actions.

No, IDD points can only be accumulated through using the In Detail Directory platform.

One IDD Point is the equivalent to 1p in monetary terms, which can only be used on the IDD Points Store.

No, IDD Points cannot be exchanged for money and can only be used in the IDD points Store, or kept hold of to rank higher in the search results on the IDD Platform.

The benefit of IDD points start with rewarding you for taking part on the IDD online networking platform regularly. We believe in giving back, and what better way than to accumulate your points, and spend them in our Points Store.

The IDD Points Store is for you to purchase products with your IDD Points that are accumulated.

Their is no money exchanged at all in the IDD Points Store.

You can use your IDD Points to get money off advertising banners and more.

Yes, the more IDD Points you have, the higher you will appear in the IDD points Rank.

No, IDD Points do not expire, they will always stay in your account as long as it is active.

If you decide to close your account down, all your IDD Points will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Yes you can track your IDD Points history, just click on IDD Points History in your account area.

Yes you can view your current IDD Points ranking, just click on IDD Points Ranking in your account area.

Just click on IDD Affilaite Link in your accounts area, copy your unique In Detail Directory link and start sharing to earn FREE IDD Points.

You can view your IDD Points balance in your IDD Points Dashboard

The IDD Points Dashboard is a great place to get lots of information about your IDD Points all in one place.

If you have any other questions about IDD Points system, that please do not hesitate to Contact Us